Oral Health Care in Motion: Malocclusions

Do you have a malocclusion that needs to be treated with orthodontic care? A malocclusion is a condition in which you have a bad bite in your mouth. Oftentimes, malocclusions arise due to improperly rotated teeth or teeth that do not function as intended. Listed below are common types of... Read more »

These Tips Make Flossing While Wearing Braces Easier

The wires of braces make it impossible to floss as you regularly would. We want you to keep your teeth healthy and clean during orthodontic treatment, so Dr. Perry M Iacovetti DDS PC and our team would like to give you some flossing with braces tips. Unwaxed floss is more... Read more »

Various Orthodontic Treatments

When it comes to choosing how to align your smile, we understand how overwhelming the options can be. It’s hard to know the difference between the style and types of braces if you are not accustomed to them. Luckily, our orthodontic team is happy to share some information with you... Read more »

What is Invisalign©?

Have you heard about the revolutionary way to straighten teeth? You don’t need any brackets, metal wires, or rubber bands for this treatment. It’s simple, effective, and best of all, it’s quicker than traditional orthodontic treatment. Invisalign© is making its rounds across the country as a viable, worthwhile treatment option... Read more »

Cleaning Teeth With Braces

A bright, gorgeous smile is one of the keys to success in life. Whether it’s success in wooing the woman of your dreams or in getting that job you’ve had your eye on, a great smile gets your foot in the door in a variety of life situations. Part of... Read more »

How to Keep Gum Disease Away From Your Braces

Gum disease is a serious dental infection that can disrupt your orthodontic treatment if not avoided. This infection is a result of unaddressed plaque and needs to be treated or else it gets worse and weakens the gums, teeth, and underlying jawbone. Wearing braces can complicate the prevention of gum... Read more »

Learning About Bruxism

Have you ever heard of Bruxism? Do you grind your teeth at night while you sleep? Dr. Perry M Iacovetti DDS PC with Perry M Iacovetti DDS PC in Little Neck, New York, offers treatment for bruxism and is happy to give you some basic information that might help you... Read more »

Tips for Avoiding Tooth Cracks When You’re Aligning Your Teeth With Braces

When you are on your orthodontic journey, there are many things that can keep you from your perfect smile, like a broken appliance, damaged teeth, decayed teeth, and tooth cracks. This is because dental issues complicate the treatment process. Eventually, you can achieve the smile of your dreams, but dental... Read more »

Traditional Braces Can Help Adults Achieve a More Attractive Smile

The alignment of your teeth can have significant bearing on your smile’s appearance and the basic function of your mouth. At the same time, deviations in your dentition can occur as you age. This is even more likely to occur if you chose not to have a missing tooth restored... Read more »

A Fixed Retainer Might Need Additional Oral Hygiene Focus

The process of having your teeth realigned with orthodontic braces required a series of regularly scheduled adjustments. Each one of these essential appointments were designed to apply increasing tension to the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in their sockets. Soon your teeth will achieve their ideal alignment and Dr.... Read more »